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  • Historical evolution

    Our Health center was founded in August, 1950. Although we moved several times, the old, shabby offices can not satisfy people ' s needs for sanitation and the basic development of health. Fortunately, we received lots of financial support in 2002 so that we could finally have the opportunity of reconstruction. The new building, located on No.50, Park Rd., Kangshan district, was formally in use on April4 th ,2005. We sincerely hope the reconstruction of the New health center can offer Kangshan district a new image of health.

    Our services include:

    1. Vaccine injection
    2. Adult routine health examination
    3. Pap smear 4.Sonography examination of breast
    4. Stool occult blood examination
    5. Body weight control
    6. Infectious Disease prevention and control …etc

    Under the leadership of our dean Guo jia-chyi the crew of our center promise to offer the services as follows:

    1. We will provide enthusiastic, kind, positive, happy, and quick service.
    2. We humbly accept people's suggestions and offer our reply as soon as possible.
    3. We will combine the social resources and try to ensure the health of our Kangshan citizens.

    ~ Your suggestions will be the source of our progress. ~ We welcome you anytime.